Best Video for releasing anger- Smashing Vases

Ready to learn a powerful technique to release negative emotions such as anger, frustration and stress in less than 15 minutes ?

We all have a "Destroyer self" inside of us and until we learn how to harness this "self" and allow it to actually be expressed in a healthy way, it will continue to sabotage your dreams, your relationship or your business ventures.

Today, I invite you to release this destroyer in a simple yet highly effective visualization called the SMASHING VASES Visualization. You can take all that pent up frustration, anger, resentment and transform it into feeling calm and relaxed, by simply smashing vases TODAY!! 

Karen Klassen

Karen and Alan own Imagine Seminar and Coaching. We are passionate about sharing higher ideas on how we can all rise up, embrace our purpose and live a beautiful life. If you are ready to Live a High Vibrational Life in your relationships or business contact us today.