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Karen knows how much impact a keynote speaker can have on your audience: it's Powerful! A great speaker can shift thinking, influence new ideas, inspire, share new perspectives, and change attitudes!

My goal is to make you look good, make working with me easy, ensure the success of your event and have FUN!

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Insightful & Charismatic Speaker

Hello I am Karen Klassen

I have a passion for speaking and a deep yearning to share my message with the women of the world. It has taken me years to connect with my authentic voice, as I knew I was to be a woman who is the same on stage as I am in my life.

I am a living example that we can live in total freedom, happiness and experience inner peace no matter what is going on in our outer world. I have healed myself of depression, allergies, scoliosis, IBS, chronic back pain and drug and alcohol addictions. From self hate to enlightenment, from living on welfare to owning my own successful personal development company, from a dis-eased body to optimal health. I share that no matter who you are, what age you are, that anything is possible with the right mindset.

More about Karen

Karen Klassen is a recognized Speaker and Breakthrough Coach. 

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Karen is owner of Imagine Seminars Inc, founder of Women Embracing Brilliance and Amazon bestselling author of 3 books, Living in the Freedom Frequency and the I AM a Brilliant Woman Book series, an inspirational speaker and certified facilitator.  

Karen's message is highly motivating and will inspire listeners to take inspired action that will achieve measurable and meaningful success in all areas of their life. She believes that a woman embracing her own brilliance, her own gifts and talents, is the cornerstone of empowerment and plays a vital role in how we define and shape our communities.


• A highly effective motivator who delivers concepts with exacting clarity in order for her audiences to gain deep and lasting value.
• Generous with sharing knowledge, strategies and skills required for audience members to realize results in real time.
• Delivers essential core insights and strategies in a concise and effective way that people can apply to achieve personal and professional success.
• With a natural ease, humour and deep human connection Karen puts her audience at ease while inciting inspired action in all those around her.

Speaking Topics

Call Karen Klassen to present: 

Evolution of Relationships  - This incredible keynote is packed full of insights and tools that remind us that the old model of relating - yelling, arguing, neglect and silent treatments is a thing of the past. The new model in relating is knowing that every relationship is designed to uplift, encourage and inspire. Karen will show practical and empowering ways in which families can create harmony in the home.  Before we leave this planet we want to love fully and live purposefully.

Women Embracing Brilliance -   Karen believes women are not broken, they do not need to be rescued, saved or fixed. They only need to be shown how to access their own power.  Karen shares the importance of how gossiping and competing against each other is no longer acceptable. Women are here to collaborate and support each other.  Karen reveals why many women are feeling exhausted, frustrated and stressed and offers simple yet powerful tools on how a woman can reclaim her power , enjoy her job/career and live a more fulfilling and happy life.   

Pursue Your Dreams  - Karen’s message reminds us that no matter what our age we can  pursue our dreams and make them a reality. Karen delivers an enormous amount of content with high energy making each and every presentation memorable. Karen provides step by step strategies and techniques resulting in powerful solutions.  This uplifting talk will have everyone feeling jazzed about living life with purpose and passion.

Emotional Mastery  - Karen shares the reason why so many of us experience emotional pain and unnecessary suffering. The truth is that we have forgotten our true identity - the authentic leader within,  our inner wisdom, our inner brilliance.  Karen gives a powerful and insightful talk on how we can all rise up and truly claim our power and therefore create heaven on earth. 

Keynote Fees 

 Please contact our office at 403 719 7333 to discuss rates and availability. Each talk can be customized to your groups needs. 

 Rate plus full expenses  - include (but are not limited to): airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meal, tips and any other program materials/handouts.


A  50% deposit is required to lock in the date. The balance is to be paid to speaker 2 days prior to presentation date. 



Karen … with thanks for a presentation well done at the Ultimate Success Tour on Saturday. Your brilliance as a presenter was evident especially during the Love Dance. A great way to engage your audience while sharing your message. You breathed your message of love into the room – and I hope many of the attendees take you up on your offer. Yes, Yes, Yes – thank you!’

~ Stephen Hobbs, Dr. Wellth, Wellth Learning Network

Karen, your presentation @ PMTO was profound and powerful! I want to thank you for sharing your story with passion and conviction. I am inspired to be more consciously aware of my ‘heart voice’ and follow the ‘gifts’ (suggestions) that I am given…without hesitation!

~ Tim Sebastian, Compassion Africa

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and found it very energizing, encouraging and uplifting. Your words of inspiration fit perfectly as a terrific wrap up to our staff retreat day. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with our team.

~ Tess Gordey Director, The Brenda Strafford Centre

Karen, thank you for speaking at the Women In A Home Office meeting. You brought the room alive with your positive energy. Your talk was inspiring and thought provoking. Your passion brings great insight to a message that needs to be heard. The women commented on enjoying it for a whole month after meeting you. Keep spreading the word!

~ Vicki Wolfson Women In A Home Office, Red Deer Chapter Director

Karen Klassen is an amazing speaker and love coach! Her presentation moved through everyone’s body’s & mind’s in the room showing us how easy it is to change your energy from darkness to light and share our positive vibrations with the world! If you want a truly moving, life changing, mind altering experience, Karen is the woman you want!’

~ Meaghan Ralston

Karen is an inspirational speaker with her positive energy and ability to captivate and connect to her audience through sharing her life story. Karen left me feeling empowered and wanting more. Great job, you have the ability to change women’s lives.

~ Denise Owens, Bookkeeping Company

Karen reminds us that every woman is born Brilliant! She has a powerful way of  reminding us to embrace and activate our own inner brilliance no matter what age you are. 

This is a video show casing a Celebrate Your Brilliance Evening.  

A Breakout Session option.