I WALKED the FIRE baby!

See Tony Robbins LIVE!  ✔

Walk on Fire!   ✔

 Yes I walked the fire and the feeling of JOY met me on the other side!! This year I decided to do something special for my one year coaching clients and so the first person to sign up was, Rhonda Selk.  I told her I had a surprise for her.. We were going to California for 6 days and spending 4 of those days at Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within.. she was thrilled.. then she realized that we would also be walking on hot coals.. she was READY to BREAKTHROUGH..  



WOW ..I had so much FUN… and so did 9000 others. Tony had us dancing and expressing our peak states every 10 min. It was mind blowing.
I wanted to share a few things I learned. First of all, the ENERGY this man has is exceptional.  AND…he is VEGAN! Yes.. he has the most super human energy I have ever witnessed. He can go for 10 hours non stop with no break. ( he would leave the stage for 5 min when we were in a dyad.)

Secondly, he reminded me that what I DO, my purpose and message ( awaken people up to their true power in their relationships and business ) .. is what people are HUNGRY FOR!!  To see 9000 people hungry for TRANSFORMATION in their lives was powerful.  

Speaking of power… the power of the mind and heart working together is extraordinary! When you let go of FEAR.. you can achieve anything you desire!  

Thirdly, your PEAK STATE is JOY and GRATITUDE! The more you are in a state of joy and feel grateful for every moment in your life even it appears to be challenging, you will RISE!!  

Over, the past years of attending personal growth workshops, I have broken an arrow with my throat, broke the board with my hand, ..and now I can say,.. I have walked the fire.  It involves clearing the mind.. no thinking…just taking action…100% commitment to getting to the other side. 

 There are no problems in life.. there are only situations that are seeking a creative solution.   You have the POWER!! It is time to UNLEASH yours!


Karen Klassen

Karen and Alan own Imagine Seminar and Coaching. We are passionate about sharing higher ideas on how we can all rise up, embrace our purpose and live a beautiful life. If you are ready to Live a High Vibrational Life in your relationships or business contact us today.

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