It is Time to Remember Who You Are!

Have you ever experienced another person who blamed you for how they feel?  Or have you ever blamed someone else for how you feel? We all have. It is what we have been taught to do at a young age.  Now it is time to remember who you are. If you are on your path to personal and spiritual development (that is why you are here) then you will discover a deeper truth – nothing outside of you can affect you. Nothing outside of you can make you feel angry or broken without your permission.
Take a deep breath!
This is what is known as personal accountability for one’s emotional states. If you choose not to acknowledge deep hurts and refuse to work through obstacles to regain emotional health, you become vulnerable in relationships.
Many people will use their “hut” to sabotage their own growth.  They will constantly focus on ‘you hurt me’ when in fact it is their own thoughts and beliefs about themselves that is causing the hurt.
When you have activated our own light and allow that light to grow nothing outside of you will hurt you or can hurt you because your vibrational frequency is high and nothing below it can affect you in a negative way without your permission. When you are resonating in LOVE (your true nature) this is the greatest power in the universe.
When someone triggers you and you feel an old wound opening.. remember that it is happening because your soul wants you to heal the past and the belief system that no longer serves you.. The person who is with you in the present moment is not the CAUSE of your emotional pain..The cause of your pain is your own thoughts and beliefs about another.. It is you forgetting who you are, forgetting your true identity. Most people do not want to do the deep inner work and so they focus on blaming others for how they feel. Unfortunately, blame keeps you stuck in the past.

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Remember, There is nothing more POWERFUL than your inner BRILLIANCE.. Nothing can hurt, squash, or kill your inner BRILLIANCE.  Every human being has a Brilliant Self, a higher self that has never felt pain or hurt. This is the part of you that you may have forgotten.  Now is the time to remember who you are at the core.
I have heard the nastiest of comments about me over the years and there words do not penetrate.. why ? because I know who I AM and if I feel that I am being triggered I only need to reflect on my own beliefs that are calling to be transformed..
I never want to see you hiding your own light. You are here to be seen and to allow your inner beauty to SHINE!
You are not a victim and as long as you believe others are the cause of your suffering you will repeat the same year after year after year and wonder why life did not change for you.
You are here to RISE up!! You are here to become the person you are meant to be and that journey is what can cause all the emotional pain to SURFACE so it can be healed and transformed.
When the pain surfaces we attach it to who ever we are with when in actuallity they are the divine messanger reminding you that you forgot who you are.
What ever you believe is OUTSIDE of you causing you pain — all you need to do is look INSIDE and begin having conversations with the SELF who is actually causing the pain. This is a journey of SELF LOVE! To stop pointing a finger because there are always three fingers pointing back at you.
I love when my clients are committed to growth.. committed to being unstoppable and having the courage to dive deep and FORGIVE themselves. This is how they rise up to be the brilliant woman they are meant to be.
No more blame. No more victim mentality.. Only personal responsibility – Only personal accountability to see life and others from a higher perspective.
You only have divine messengers in your life who the GOD of your understanding brought to you because you ASKED for it!!
You asked for your dreams to come true.
And so it is!
If you are ready to dive deep and reclaim your power…message me.
Karen Klassen

Karen and Alan own Imagine Seminar and Coaching. We are passionate about sharing higher ideas on how we can all rise up, embrace our purpose and live a beautiful life. If you are ready to Live a High Vibrational Life in your relationships or business contact us today.