Do you argue over the smallest things that cause you so much frustration?

Are there times when you don't feel heard, respected or appreciated?

Whether you are single or in a relationship....if you are ready to end the cycle of unhappiness and upgrade your relationship experience in ANY and ALL relationships, then we invite you to join us....

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Grey Eagle Hotel, Calgary, Alberta

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Your relationships will never be the same
after this life changing event.   

What you will discover...

One of the biggest myths in relationships is, that it is the lack of communication that is destroying your relationships. Yes, communication is definitely important. 

The TRUTH is, your lack of communication is not what is responsible. What you need to know is how to transform your negative subconscious beliefs that you have about your partner and the negative beliefs you have wrapped around LOVE. These SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs are what sabotage your dreams! If your partner/spouse or even YOU have a belief that love causes pain or love hurts, those belief alone can cause unnecessary suffering for years to come. 

Unfortunately, many couples are separating or divorcing unnecessarily because they are allowing their inner Sabatoger to take over and run their life. Trying to reason and logically find solutions is not the answer. 

If you learn the skills and begin to apply what we are going to show you, you will be able to stop the toxic and intense arguments that lead to the words, " I don't love you anymore. " 

If you are ready to end the arguments, the silent treatments, the lack of appreciation and respect, and begin the journey to having the relationship you have always dreamed of, then we invite you to a weekend that will profoundly transform ANY and ALL your relationships. We are committed to empowering YOU to move from old destructive patterns to creating new empowering patterns and teaching you the best skills for fulfilling and growth-oriented relationships.

If you are a parent, single, married or in a common law relationship and you want to learn how to attract more positivity, love and fulfillment into your life, this event is for YOU!

What people are saying…

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn at the Empowered Relationships Weekend Event

  7 Key Elements of an Empowered Relationship

The old model of how your parents related will not work for you. Why? Because you are evolving and it is time for you to learn a new model of relating. The old model involved silent treatments, constant arguing, yelling and neglect. Here we teach you how to end the cycle of unhappiness and learn a new and empowered way of communicating that you can pass onto your children.

The Serenity 6 Step Formula

This  formula was created by Karen Klassen and is becoming known as one of the top best practices offered during this training.  You will learn a powerful new way to communicate any problem, issue or topic in a way that you feel fully heard, acknowledged and understood. 

  How to Transform any and all Negative Emotions 

Your emotions offer you a powerful guidance system. Once you learn how to work with, and understand your emotions, you will begin to relate to others in a more empowered way. 

Relationship Destroying Mistakes You Never Want to Make

Relationship Destroying Mistakes create intense arguments that lead to the words, "I don't love you anymore. " 

You will learn how to end the cycle of these sabotaging mistakes so that you can create healthier and more rewarding experiences in ALL your relationships. Most men and women "get in their own way" by holding grudges from the past, not able to forgive mistakes and constantly comparing their spouse to past partners. These are destructive ways of being and must be eliminated before one can truly experience "soul love". 

How to Create a Shared Relationship Vision 

Most people are focused on a painful past or are unconsciously using their imagination to create a bleak future. Learn the skills on how to effectively create a relationship vision that makes you feel JAZZED about the possibilities available to you. 


You are about to discover the key tools
that have empowered 1000s of people transform their relationships. 

If you are experiencing  challenges right now in your relationships, just know that these challenges are exposing a skill that you are presently missing. Empowered relationships are for those who make a decision to grow and learn together.

It is obvious that that there are things you must learn in order to succeed in your relationships. You are being called to STEP into your wisdom. You are being called to do the right thing. You are being called to let go of the old model of relating and step into the evolution of relationships.

It is our beliefs around love that have got in the way such as "I don't deserve love" or "Love only causes pain or or I am afraid to be hurt". Relationships do not go without challenges, temptations or failures. Any relationship can make it through the bad times by learning the skills required. The Empowered Relationship Training is filled with rich relationship enhancing practices that you can apply in all types of relationships

Meet Your Facilitator

Karen Klassen is co-owner of Imagine Seminars and founder of Women Embracing Brilliance and is a Breakthrough Coach who empowers her clients to achieve emotional freedom and live above the line   From welfare to owning a successful personal development company, from drug and alcohol addiction to spiritual realization, from disease to optimal health, and from abusive relationships to attracting her beloved Alan,  she knows the power of authentic living. Karen shares how anyone no matter what they have done, not done or who they are, can spiral up and experience freedom, peace of mind and live a beautiful life.

Whether you are single and want to attract a new relationship or a couple who are ready to say YES to creating a fulfilling relationship, we are committed to teaching you the best skills for an empowered and growth-oriented relationship.

Event Location:

Hotel::  Grey Eagle Hotel (not casino)

Address:: 3779 Grey Eagle Drive SW     Calgary, Alberta T3E 3X8

Grey Eagle Hotel

Calgary, Alberta 

October 28th - 29th, 2017 

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$297 for Two

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