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Healing the Mother Wound

Do you have issues wrapped around your mom?  

There may be a part of you that believes your relationship  with your mother is okay and yet there may be a part of you that has suppressed or ignored deep painful emotions such as anger or resentment that you may have towards your mother.  

There may be "invisible wounds" from childhood that can hold you back or sabotage your efforts to create the beautiful life you desire. 

If you want to rise up and be an empowered individual, you will need to heal and transform any and all subconscious negative emotional energy you may have wrapped around your mom. This does not mean you need to have her fully in your life, especially if your mom carries a negative energetic blueprint.  

What is important, is healing any suppressed emotions such as feeling neglected, abandoned, ignored, unloved, unappreciated when you were a child.  If these parts of you are not transformed and able to express in a healthy way,  these emotions will negatively effect and possibly sabotage your adult relationships in both your personal and professional life. 

I created this video to empower you in healing and transforming your relationship with your MOM.  And the best part is, your mom does not have to be present. 

This is the Divine Mind Conversation, which I created many years ago and it has completely transformed hundreds of people's lives to "let go" and forgive the past.  Even if your mom has passed on, you can connect with her here, in the room of your Divine Mind.  

As you heal and transform your relationship with your mother, you heal and transform the world, have a deeper appreciation for the feminine, and greater love for Mother Earth. ​

I highly recommend you listen right to the end.  It WORKS!!! ​

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Divine Mind conversation Testimonial 

Karen has guided me into my Divine Mind many times over the past 3 years. My monkey mind got in the way at the beginning as I was doubtful of my ability to visualize or listen to my inner wisdom. However, as I sat with Karen over and over and experienced many Divine Mind conversations, I came to the awareness that my answers and guidance were indeed inside me and all I had to do was accept and allow. My most powerful conversations with my myriad of selves came without trying, questioning or pushing. I have been able to clear so many past beliefs and become aware of the many angels I embody who only want to love me and join with me to enrich my life, activate my passions and find pleasure in each wonderful moment. My power and joy lie within and visiting my Divine Mind with openness has given me the gift of self-awareness and deepened my self-love. I highly recommend Karen’s Divine Mind process for enriching your own personal experience.    – Lori Froese

Best Video for releasing anger- Smashing Vases

Ready to learn a powerful technique to release negative emotions such as anger, frustration and stress in less than 15 minutes ?

We all have a "Destroyer self" inside of us and until we learn how to harness this "self" and allow it to actually be expressed in a healthy way, it will continue to sabotage your dreams, your relationship or your business ventures.

Today, I invite you to release this destroyer in a simple yet highly effective visualization called the SMASHING VASES Visualization. You can take all that pent up frustration, anger, resentment and transform it into feeling calm and relaxed, by simply smashing vases TODAY!!