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Was 2016 challenging? If so 2017 will be..

I know for many 2016 felt as if a meteor had struck and blew their worlds apart. Myself included. Why? Because in order for our world to rise up from everything that we deemed ugly, untrue, forgotten or have ignored or pushed aside will eventually be uncovered in order to be healed, transformed and renewed. 
In numerology, the Universal Year 2017 is a ONE year which means it is the first year in a new nine year cycle. That said 2016 was the ending of a nine year cycle, which is all about completion and karmic endings. That means, everything that you expressed way back in 2007 (all those unconscious fears, limited beliefs, your untruths, and bad habits) that you no longer wanted in your life, would begin to be dissolved, reconfigured, and transformed within the nine year cycle so you could spiral up and be the BEST version of you! If you didn’t let these negative energies dissolve within the first 8 years then the force of the NINTH year would create the chaos necessary to make the shifts required. If one does not “choose” to embrace change then life gives us change which is not always pleasant. And then we label those moments as ‘bad experiences” which is really just a life “surprise” you didn’t want. 
I get it..many people experienced so much loss this past year. We do not know the soul’s journey of “Why”. All we can do is send love, compassion and trust that life is taking us all on a journey that awakens us more and more to the truth of who we are. 
Life is a powerful force and when we align with it instead of battling it, we experience so much more ease and grace. We are learning to let go. Life is so much easier when we surrender and allow this “life force energy” to express through us and guide us to cracking open our own hearts to forgive, to be more kind, to give more and therefore grow up so we can spiral up out of our own misery, our own suffering and embrace our own evolutionary path to freedom. 
I have learned to embrace “letting go” and even though it can be emotionally painful, it is such a necessary part of the journey. To let go from a place of compassionate detachment. To honour what was, what “is” and to know that everything that happened was for my own soul’s growth. 
2017 is a new beginning for all of us. Now is the time to deeply contemplate who you want to “BE” for everything begins with you. For what you take on (believe to be true) this year will set the foundational path for the next nine years. You are asked to do everything to protect your optimism right now -To see the good in yourself and as you do you will see the good in others. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Trust that the universe always has your back and the more you trust in your journey the more you will see the magic and miracles of your spirt unfold.
Life can only reflect back to you what is in your heart and as you spiral up into higher vibrations of love, trust and gratitude (where ease and grace happens) the more LIFE brings you opportunities, support, resources and the life you desire. Let 2017 be the year of new beginnings, that amplify your unwavering commitment and devotion to your own inner brilliance instead of being distracted by what everyone else is doing. You are a powerful creator and what you choose to focus on expands. Your personal and spiritual growth is important to the evolution of humanity.
To me, the only answer is love. When I am in the vibration of love, I can then be the observer of all the wackiness, weirdness, the craziness, the appauling, the devastating, the ridiculous, the corrupt, and any dark forces playing themselves out without seeing it as wrong or right, good or bad. For I can see from this higher vantage point that there is no loss and only truth to gain, that everything is being uncovered to be acknowledged and witnessed, the forgotten remembered, the unexpressed expressed, the anger transfomed into one’s soul passion, the hate shedding tears, the ego humbled, and eventually ..everything returns to divine order and in the end “experienced” for the sake of experience for the greater good of all. How do I know this?.. because I have been there.. in the depths of my own hate, fear, anger, judgements, ego and untruths to rising up and living in the freedom of my own heart. 
​​​​​​​A Higher idea: Everything is happening for the highest good of all even when nothing makes sense. Find your way to forgive, let go and be grateful for all that happened in 2016 because it is your highest thoughts that create the future “experiences” you want MORE of. Stay focused on nurturing your soul and keep dreaming BIG because I know….. there is a LOT of good coming your way!! 
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