For those seeking to live a positive, authentic and inspiring life!


With a focus on Love & Prosperity!  

Your Mental and Emotional Wellness is key to Living a Happy and Fulfilling Life.

Many people unfortunately suffer because they do not know how to shift their mind and understand their emotions. To experience personal freedom, one must achieve Mental and Emotional Mastery.  If you are ready to expand your capacity to RECEIVE MORE love, Happiness and fulfillment in your life, you have come to the right place. 

It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, a superstar, a business owner a parent,  or work in a factory ~ depression, anxiety, anger and ALL or ANY negative emotions can ruin our lives.  

You have TWO VOICES in your MIND.  

One voice says, You will not achieve your dreams, you are not good enough or smart enough.

The Other Voice says, "You are perfect just as you are.  You are a beautiful soul. You are powerful beyond belief. "

The Big Question is...Which voice are you listening too? 

It is time to learn how to listen to the voice of your own SOUL. 


​​We have a Gift for You!!

Discover personal freedom in your relationships. 

Learn the 5 Cycles of an Empowered Relationship mp3 download 

Evolution of Relationships

You are constantly evolving in your own personal development, therefore, it is important that your relationships evolve along with you.

The true design of any relationship is to inspire, encourage and uplift you. Empowered relationships offer you the Freedom to BE YOU!

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What are People Saying? 

My partner and I took Karen and Alan’s “Empowered Relationships and I have to tell you that I am amazed and eternally grateful at what we’ve learned about communicating. This has truly inspired me to turn all of my relationships into the empowered state. The way Karen and Alan present their material is truly magical and allows one to learn to communicate powerfully. They make it seem like common sense – what seemed so difficult to understand before is now shed with light and explained in a way that will amaze you. I am forever in gratitude and eternally grateful for what they’ve shared and what we’ve learned. Thank you Karen and Alan.

TNO, Project Coordinator

elena harder

Bhawana Clark
Bhawana Clark Jewellery

Thank you so much Karen and Alan for bringing much needed wisdom in receiving knowledge on how to love at a higher vibration. When we can truly love at this level that is when love lasts and true magic can be created and manifested in this world through the power of love. I so enjoyed the seminar last night and I feel so much wiser as a result of it.